Wednesday, December 28, 2011

to market, to market...

We couldn't have asked for better weather here in Missouri for our Christmas break junken trip.  Peeps and I started out by dropping Jordan the grandson off at Great-Grandma Jo's house for a day of fun, keeping Great-Granddad busy and then off we went to pick up Sheri from her house out in the country.

Our first stop was in Windsor at the shop on the corner.  Several Christmas items were on sale, but none we needed.  Peeps likes the tool room there, but nothing for him either.  They have lots of clothes for small children and since we have no small children...

On to Clinton and a nice chocolatey mocha (Sheri got a yummy peppermint mocha!) from the golden arches.  We whizzed by Nichols Corner, and several other nice shops which were CLOSED.  Imagine that, being closed during the week after Christmas.

Warsaw was hopping today.  Lots of folks in the fleas and on the roads.  The big store on the corner of the square was open and is full to the brim with nice items.

Jeff found a copy of an old Christmas record we (the Garrison Girls) used to enjoy singing and dancing to time after time. 

I found a little treat for Chandra there too.  

This lovely lady was getting a pretty paint job.  
The pictures do not do the paint colors justice.

Lunch was at the new Mexican restaurant and on down the highway to Crocker, by the way of Lebanon due to missing the turn onto 7 highway.  (We weren't lost, we just weren't quite sure where we were exactly!)  After finally connecting with highway 17, we passed this cute little shed all decorated with garland and red bows.

Another little hop and a skip and we found the Bear Ridge Antiques, just waiting for us to shop.  They have a great selection of collectibles, antiques and prim items.  I found some little battery operated candles, which Ivy now tells me that $tree sells, but I did get 4 for $3!  Hope the batteries are good, but I am realistic.  (FYI, I just tried to add a bulb, new batteries and I got nuttin!)

They also sell yummy smelling wax tarts, I picked a blueberry muffin and a harvest spice scent.  Harvest spice smells a bit like pineapple with clove.  

I also found a pretty angel for my office collection.  
I just know that I've heard at least one bell ring recently.  

Here are pics of some items that caught my eye, but not didn't bring home.  
This rocker is very unusual and very pretty with a needlepoint seat.

 How about this old wood stove?  
It said Carver (I think-can't remember anything!) Oak Wood Burner on the front.

This little garland was sewn from homespun links like the paper strips that we used to staple together.  Very cute and simple, a great idea for next years Christmas tree.

This coffee jar caught Peeps' eye.  It reminded him on one we have.  
Psst...see the price tag?

And who doesn't love a teapot with Santa & Mrs. Claus?

I need to make a sign like this for our porch.

 This sign might remind me of someone.

This huge wood burning furnace was keeping the store warm.  
Very nice indeed.  Look how huge this thing is next to the screen door!

I LOVE this chandelier!  Wonder if they sell light bulbs like that?

And this beauty really wanted to come home with me, so she could live at Cousin Becky's house.

Hello!  A Monopoly game older than Granny?  Shocking!

Bear Ridge Antiques' front porch.

We hurried to Eugene, Missouri to find a couple more shops before the 5:00 closing time only to find NOTHING!  Not even the streets that were listed as the addresses.  Maybe someone had the addresses wrong?   Then through Eldon and Windsor, to Sheri's house and home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Belongs To The Cats.

Bacon and Eggs have gotten festive this year.  
Creating mischief and messes...everywhere.
Bacon sets upon the tower.

 She plays under the table while I wrap presents.

Eggs is King on their Christmas present.  The Cat Tower.  Watch out below.

Eggs finally decides to join...laying on the paper and creating disastrous holes. 

Finally he is too tuckered out to continue.  He gives up.

Christmas Time Is Coming.

The advent calendar I made this year.  Amazing what a bit of scrapbook paper can produce.  
Tutorial to come!

These blocks are Rudolph products.  Found them on for about $15.00.  LOVE them!

I might not have shared my candy cane filled beer mugs at Halloween time, but I'll share the cinnamon and peppermint ones!  My husband was stationed in Germany for several years...and he collected many a beer mug.  I've put them to good use!  The tin there on the left has been dedicated to our "Crack Pretzels".  Crack pretzels are those ones you cover in chocolate...and we love them!

Here's the newest addition to my Christmas decor.  I eat A LOT of cheerios...and therefore have a lot of boxes.  With a bit of red and white paint, here's what I produced.  "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear" is a great quote from one of my favorite holiday movie.  Elf, starring Will Ferrell, came out on my birthday several years ago, and I'll always be a fan.

Here sit my favorite scents this season.  On my kitchen counter sit Red Apple Wreath from Yankee Candle and Blackberry Tart & Lemon Pound Cake that happened to be $4.96 at Wal-Mart.  Go get yourself're welcome.

Here is a vase...that I once began to hate, considering it held flowers from a not-so-special-someone.  But I've repurposed it.  Now it holds beautful vintage ornaments that my mother gave me.  I looped in a string of white 20-count lights from Hob Lob ($1.99)

Here's one of my favorite finds.  Red Velvet Cupcake 14.5oz for $4.96 at Wal-Mart.  In the background is a wine bottle of St. Chapel, the bottle we drank on our wedding day...with our red velvet cupcakes.  You can also see another Rudolph accent, my Rudolph snow globe.  Really, I'm crazy about that silly reindeer.

Just Keep Painting, Just Keep Painting-Painting-Painting...

It appears I've been busy the last few weeks...Here's what I've done to keep sane...

A Bathroom Giraffe...on a shoe box lid

More Adult Disney Art
....on a shoe box lid

My Favorite Nut ... My Granddad calls all his grandchildren "Squirrel Bait".  He is indeed my favorite nut and I love smiling about my childhood and looking at this silly squirrel.