Sunday, September 23, 2012

I LOVE fall!

Now that summer's heat has mostly passed, I'm anxious for all the gorgeous colors of fall.  I want to see and smell them in my house, in the car, in my office -- where ever I go!  I've heard and read opinions by others on why this is but, I'll be content just knowing that I do. 

It's hard to get into the spirit of making changes around the house this year though.  We've all been busy, to say the least.  I did happen to have a great visit recently with Cousin Becky.  We roamed a couple of antique malls in Olathe, KS.  I like to take pictures to send to Momma so she can enjoy part of the trip without having to leave her nest.  Here are a few photos of things that caught my eye. 

Cousin Becky is also expecting a new (her first!) grandbaby soon.  I can just see an adorable little fanny plopping on this cute little red rocker!

Sister Melody is always after new ideas, but what a cute idea for our porch.
We need more lighting out there, maybe this is another project for Peeps.

Someone at this booth is sooo very creative.
I would love to have one of each please!


 With all the garden produce Peeps has, he really needs this.
Might have to save up!
This looks just like something that
Peeps and Uncle CB probably scooted around on.
I got this too-cute pumpkin and a couple of dishpans to add to the collections.
Peeps is getting quite a collection of enamel pieces. 

After the antique malls, lunch with coffee for Cousin Becky and iced tea for me.

After lunch, I headed home and stopped at Greenwood.  I picked up this yummy cinnamon & cranberries candle, the witch's kitchen towel and a few other things.  I had a visit with the friendly shop keeper, who is also expecting a new grand baby soon.

I'll end with the beautiful asters I picked up last weekend.  I have to enjoy the picture, because evidently my idea of watering flowers differs from someone else.  The kale is still gorgeous, though.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day a Weekend Late

Time flies when we are having fun!  My how time has flown lately!  Today, Cousin Becky and I spent a day with her Aunt Pat, my Momma.  Becky's Momma, my Aunt Ginia (Virginia) was Momma's sister.
We were celebrating a late Mother's Day and an early Decoration Day.  I know it's now called Memorial Day, but I do love the old-fashioned sound to Decoration Day.  We started by decorating Grandma and Grandpa Carter's grave.  Iva and Norman were laid to rest, several years apart, but right next to each other.  They are just to the right of Momma's Grandma and Grandpa Carter (Thomas Jefferson  and Ida Alice.)  Of course, neither Becky nor I met either of our Grandpa Carters, nor our Great-Grandma Carter, but we remember Iva very well.  Here is a picture of Norman and Iva, my Momma's parents.  Aren't they cute?
Iva was a well-loved Grandma and most of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren miss her still.  I can only hope I am a fun Meemaw and half as loved as she was.  I have learned in my 50+ years that most of us don't make the same mistakes with our grandchildren as we did with our children.  That might be a reason we are much-loved and lovingly remembered.  Here is a picture of Iva with my sisters and I a few years ago.  Okay, it was 1970something.
Our motor trip today took us by the old log cabin that Norman built as a summer place for the family to get away from the summer heat of the city down in Carter's Compound (well, really only the family called it that!) in Monegaw Springs, Missouri.  Monegaw Springs has a colorful history due to it's historic "healing" springs.   At the turn of the last century, it was a popular restful vacation spot due mostly to the sulfur springs.  Here is an early picture of the cabin, followed by the most recent picture.

The Carter Cousins have many colorful tales of visits to the cabin.  Many include drawing icy, cold water from the well, the 2-holer outhouse, penny-ante poker games, the awesome porch swing, walking to the bluff or a trip to the cave, climbing atop the silver gas tank, and lots of snake stories that include a tall tale of a snake-killing with a mop?  Only those who were there really believe that wild tale and Iva is not here to tell us different!  Here are some of us cousins.  Of course, Becky and I are the super cuties in the front on the right!
On the road once more, we passed the old stone house that belonged to Grandpa and Grandma Moore.  The Moore's were not really my Momma's grandparents, but the grandparents of her best friend Mary Ellen.  Well, maybe they were family or became so, when Mary Ellen married my Daddy's first cousin Charlie.  Anyway, Momma has fond memories of this beautiful old home.
Once more headed south on the highway to Bolivar, Missouri and straight to the downtown square and The Tea Garden Cafe.  They have a very nice menu, glorious iced tea and seating in the lower level of the store, The Country Hearth, for those of us allergic to stairs.  The lemon cake is AWESOME!  The Country Hearth has aprons, dishes, knick-knacks, jewelry, purses and lovely smelling coffee beans. You name it, their little store has it.  In very lovely, fragrant surroundings.  This picture is from their FB page.
Refreshed, we headed back north to "swing by" the cemeteries in Iconium and Bear Creek.  At Iconium, we saw this interesting headstone and had to take a picture.  The headstone is for the grave of Grandpa Bob's Uncle John.  I remember him as a character, but I do not know what inspired this headstone.  When I find out the rest of the story, I will share.
After this interesting visit, we were on the road to our final stop.  The Bear Creek Cemetery.  Several of the Garrison family members are buried here.  The property once belonged to the family and was given to the community a very long time ago.  There is a very sweet old church residing there that always makes you feel like you've come home.  Grandma and Granddad Garrison, Bessie Marie (Barnes) and Homer George, are both buried there along with Daddy (Jerold Barnes Garrison) and my oldest sister, Robin Ann Garrison Ammann.  Robin's husband placed this wonderful old stone for her headstone.  Robin was a nature lover and would have loved it!  She was a super Grandma too!
Here's Daddy's and Grandma & Granddad's stones.  Daddy was a hunter, fisherman and nature lover.  He got it from his Daddy and passed it on to Robin and oddly enough to my Jeffrey, who never ever met him.

Grandma Bessie loved flowers.  She had some of the prettiest flower gardens I can remember.  She loved her grandchildren and played many a game of Rummy with us.  She made THE most absolutely-best-ever-in -the-history-of-the-world, not-ever-to-be-copied blackberry jelly.  Here she is with us girls back in the day.  Our friend Nancy Borer is here too.  Yes, here are the famous butterfly dresses.
Since I am posting for a late Mother's Day, I want to include a picture of Momma with us four girls.
The last one we have that includes Robin.
And here is my favorite grandson about to play his favorite game!
To tell the story correctly, I should have started with this picture.  Peeps was helping me find flowers for the arrangements and he spied this cutey!  Know anyone who LOVES giraffes?  You guessed it, and as Ivy says, this giraffe would look so cute in the nursery for Little Baby Vine!
Thank you so much Momma and Becky for a very special Mother's Day.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Joyce's Birthday Cookies

My children have always been so lucky to have wonderful Grandmas.  My Momma, aka Granny or Melody's Mother and Peep's Mom, Grandma Jo aka Aunt Jo to our Cousin Nora.

Tomorrow is Grandma Jo's 80th birthday.  We will celebrate again tomorrow night at the home she has shared with Granddad for many of the 62 years of their marriage.  I say again, because Nora baked a lemon cake on Saturday and took it to the semi-annual Jones Reunion where they celebrated once already.  Here is a photo of the birthday girl and her cake, courtesy of Nora.

The menu tomorrow night is Jo's awesome potato salad, pork loins cooked on the grill and of course something lemony!  The dessert will be Lemony Cookies that are still warm (as I write) from the oven.  Here are a few pictures and the recipe.

Lemony Cookies

Makes 30 cookies.
Preheat oven 350 degrees.

2 eggs
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1/3 cup water
Whip together and add

1 packet Crystal Light Lemonade Mix
that makes 2 quarts (use dry granules here)

1 package lemon cake mix
Stir well

Drop onto parchment paper lined cookie sheets using a scoop or teaspoon.  Bake for 8-9 minutes, being careful not to over bake.  Cool on cookie sheet for 5 minutes and carefully move to cooling rack until completely cooled.  Place in tightly sealed container and hide until served!


And aren't they yummy looking right here by my
o-so-sweet Monday dishtowel that my Momma made me!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Latest Junken Trip -- Corrupting Becky

My Cousin Becky and I went for lunch last Saturday at
The Simple Life in Concordia, Missouri. 

We shared sandwiches (she ordered BLT & I had an Italian something on a croissant) and had some wonderful creamy chicken and rice soup.

The atmosphere is serene and the interior reminds me so much of Becky's Mom, Aunt Gin.

Their signature color should be patented "Aunt Gin Green" as my entire family has renamed it.  It was also a very popular color in the 70s.  I have seen many items that Aunty Melva Jones and others have upcycled with Aunt Gin Green paint and really, probably most never even knew Aunt Gin!

It's always a treat to examine the old church building's features, the beautiful original wood floors and windows.  The flea market finds in the basement cubicles always bring back memories of home and kitchens in the past.

The coffee bar serves wonderful coffees, steamers, and desserts also. After exploring all the beautiful items for sale, dessert and coffee was a great treat.

Becky spied this sweet cupboard around the corner from the coffee bar.

The weather was beautiful and we stopped on the way home at a little shop a couple blocks north of the Davis Theatre in Higginsville.  Ok, only a few miles off the path, but well worth the drive.  We each picked up a few items.

Becky found this awesome milk can and some crocheted pot holders.  
She was so sweet she gave me my choice in color!

I've been having visions of organizing my craft supplies.  
Won't this gum rack be awesome filled with rolls of ribbons?


Peeps is always on the lookout for old enamelware.  
I found this tray, a big dishpan and bowl that never made it in the house.
They are nailed to the outside wall on the porch.

We also saw several we would love to have.

I wonder if this will fit on the porch woodstove for Peeps to cook the grandson some waffles?

The last stop of the day was for a Sonic drink,
too bad there wasn't a diet Coke in that cooler!
Hope you enjoyed our little trip.  I know we had a blast!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bucket Light

Light not a list.  We've been watching a bucket in a ditch for several months.  We've needed a lamp over the table on the porch for longer.  Christmas Eve found Peeps out on the road late at night, picking up a bucket in the ditch.  He's been picking up pieces here and there to put his lamp together since then.  Yesterday, after only breaking one of the pieces, he got it all put together.  It sure fits right in on the porch.