Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Latest Junken Trip -- Corrupting Becky

My Cousin Becky and I went for lunch last Saturday at
The Simple Life in Concordia, Missouri. 

We shared sandwiches (she ordered BLT & I had an Italian something on a croissant) and had some wonderful creamy chicken and rice soup.

The atmosphere is serene and the interior reminds me so much of Becky's Mom, Aunt Gin.

Their signature color should be patented "Aunt Gin Green" as my entire family has renamed it.  It was also a very popular color in the 70s.  I have seen many items that Aunty Melva Jones and others have upcycled with Aunt Gin Green paint and really, probably most never even knew Aunt Gin!

It's always a treat to examine the old church building's features, the beautiful original wood floors and windows.  The flea market finds in the basement cubicles always bring back memories of home and kitchens in the past.

The coffee bar serves wonderful coffees, steamers, and desserts also. After exploring all the beautiful items for sale, dessert and coffee was a great treat.

Becky spied this sweet cupboard around the corner from the coffee bar.

The weather was beautiful and we stopped on the way home at a little shop a couple blocks north of the Davis Theatre in Higginsville.  Ok, only a few miles off the path, but well worth the drive.  We each picked up a few items.

Becky found this awesome milk can and some crocheted pot holders.  
She was so sweet she gave me my choice in color!

I've been having visions of organizing my craft supplies.  
Won't this gum rack be awesome filled with rolls of ribbons?


Peeps is always on the lookout for old enamelware.  
I found this tray, a big dishpan and bowl that never made it in the house.
They are nailed to the outside wall on the porch.

We also saw several we would love to have.

I wonder if this will fit on the porch woodstove for Peeps to cook the grandson some waffles?

The last stop of the day was for a Sonic drink,
too bad there wasn't a diet Coke in that cooler!
Hope you enjoyed our little trip.  I know we had a blast!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bucket Light

Light not a list.  We've been watching a bucket in a ditch for several months.  We've needed a lamp over the table on the porch for longer.  Christmas Eve found Peeps out on the road late at night, picking up a bucket in the ditch.  He's been picking up pieces here and there to put his lamp together since then.  Yesterday, after only breaking one of the pieces, he got it all put together.  It sure fits right in on the porch.