Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally, a project!

We've all been so busy since fall and there's never time to craft or space to do it or anything!  When I came home from work tonight, Peeps had the saw out!  Hoarders that we are, it's an event getting anything out to work on a project.

I've had these pans since I-don't-know-when!  I purchased them from SA for 50 cents and I'm not sure what the screws cost when Peeps bought them.We had the double-sided screws (I guess that's what you call them) and we got the porch spindles years ago.  Peeps had to dig to get them out of the garage too.   Here's what we started with.   
Cut the spindle in graduating sizes.  It takes lots of discussion to make sure this gets done just so.  We always have lots of discussion during projects.
Find the center of the pan.  This caused major discussion, not all of it so nice.  It seems that there are many ways to finding the middle of the round pans and the middle of each portion of the spindles.  Peeps pre-drilled holes in the ends of the spindles and screwed in the double-ended screws. 
We needed a top or finial something, and out of the drawer of junk came this lovely little glass drawer knob.  I washed it up a bit and he crowned the top.
You can't really tell from this picture, but the pan on the bottom is a bit bigger than the one above it.  The top is smaller than the middle one.  It might be pretty to get a can of nice blue spray paint and go to town.
PS, don't mind the mess in the background! 
I think the end result is quite nice.  Maybe just the thing for some Patty-Cakes cupcakes!