Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pizza Boxes... Who Knew?!

In becoming a Pintrest addict, like the rest of the general population now it seems, I have discovered many crafty things.

Here's the crafty-iest I discovered this week...I literally said "AH HA!" with joyous over exaggeration.

My husband and I eat pizza A LOT.  When I say A LOT, it means almost twice a week.  Now pizza boxes don't just fit comfortably into the trash can.  And I GET TIRED of trying to break the stupid things in half or fold them or cut them or throw them out the window.  And the husband, well he sure isn't too good at remembering things that don't "fit" in the trash can.


Here's what I did:

I painted those dumb pizza boxes and used Martha Stewart stencils and created masterpieces using some of my favorite Disney quotes.  (For those of you who don't know me, I LOATHE Martha Stewart and I LOVE Disney---This being said, Martha's paid associates make some killer stencils and other things)

These will hang in our bedroom, my Disney movie watching sanctuary.