Sunday, September 11, 2011

H A L L O W E E N On My Mind...

So Hobby Lobby had a sale this week...50% OFF ALL ROLLS OF RIBBON!  Yesterday I made Mike drag me to the store and suffer through hours of picking out things I wanted and random additions to my slowly growing box of craft supplies.  We went to Michael's as well, where I found packs of scrapbook paper 40% off...AND...I bought my very own glue gun.  I know, a big step.  But I've come to realize that every girl needs a glue gun.  If you don't have one...go get one NOW.
So with my cheap rolls and rolls and rolls of ribbon, and a $3.00 raffia wreath, I used my HOT little glue gun and started this wreath you see.  One blister later, and several minutes fighting with the ribbon, I managed to attach some ribbon roses and a few foam roses.  I cut bats out of colored foam sheets as well.  And the pumpkin, well it's foam too.  I used one of my BRAND NEW 50% OFF stamps and added a little flair.  If you can't tell I'm more than excited about all these bargains.  Eggs only attacked me twice during the creation, I do say we were successful indeed!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Newest Addition at the Ring Farm

Meet Maggie

What's Happening In Jessica's Garden

These beauties are fresh outta the Ring garden.  Jessica's been working away all summer in that garden of her's.  Check back soon for new photos and recipes.

Jessica's Garden Special

Garden Special Recipe……. Good for soups and for spaghetti…….

1 qt celery
1-3 onions cut up (I use one)
6 green peppers
1 qt water
4 qts ripe tomatoes
3 T salt
2 T sugar

Blanch tomatoes in seperate pan of boiling water then put in cool water and peel, cut into 1/4. Set aside. 
Dice celery, including coarse stalks, onion and pepers. Cook with water for 20 minutes.
Add tomatoes,( pelled and cut into 1/4) and seasonings.
Bring to boil and pour into clean hot jars.
Process in hot water. 30 minutes for quart jars or 20 minutes for pints.

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'? - Country Kitchen Signs

I had some old signs with old sayings that just don't fit my life here in Georgia any more.  So, I did what my Momma taught me, "If ya don't like it, PAINT it!"

One hangs above the sink, the other above the stove.  Pretty darn proud of myself! 

Oh, For The Love of Caffeine! Part 2

I painted the painting for the wall in our kitchen...If you can't tell, I LOVE coffee...and the color RED!  Here's another bottle cap magnet!

Oh, For The Love of Caffeine!

My 3 day weekend has been spent working as a busy bee here in the South.  I have been collecting bottle caps for weeks...even digging through the trash at times just so one doesn't get thrown away!  Here's why:

Bottle Cap Magnets

I saved all kinds, soda caps, juice, and the large Gatorade ones.  I painted them all with acrylic paint.  I fear that Eggs got a bit painted as well.  He's suffering for a case of the "red paws".  He enjoys playing with the caps, fetching them and chasing them across our tiny kitchen floor.
Mike even likes them :)